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Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co .presents the PGM-1. The culmination of nearly 20 years of research and development resulting in 5 Patents. The PGM-1 produces  300 watt maximum power to the plasma tube .  The plasma being  formed via gas ionization creates pulsed electrical fields  . The electrical field is not just a function of the driving power of the plasma tube, but also a function of the number of gas molecules within the tube. Thus increases in tube volumes with increases in gas  pressures increase the emitted field. Plasma Sonics uses a proprietary mixture of noble gasses along with our patented mechanisms that allows for the use of much higher gas pressures than tubes of this size typically will allow. The PGM -1 has a pulse output capability of 310,000hz . Typical pulse rise times are around 400 nanoseconds and fall times of the pulse envelope are under 50 nanoseconds.

Plasma Sonics equipment has been checked for the emission of ionizing radiation and due to the design, there is none.                                                                                                                                                                


The PGM-1 is sold in one of two configurations: 


A complete system that is ready to operate that includes a 2" X 20 " long plasma tube , wiring harness, tube stand, reflector, an Atelier Robin F125 Frequency Generator and accessory parts This system just needs

to be unpacked, set up,  and turned on..


The second configuration is just the PGM-1 box. The customer can choose their type of  and frequency generator.  A wide variety of  plasma tube types are available and Plasma Sonics can provide mounts , reflectors, and 

wiring harnesses for the plasma tube as required.


The PGM-1 is designed and labeled for use as as an Agricultural Instrument. Pulsed  fields can have dramatic effects upon seed germination times, growth rates, crop yields and other Agricultural purposes. This design and labeling in no way affects the devices

capabilities or user desired application within those capabilities. The PGM-1 comes with instructions, scientific papers showing the effects of  fields when used for Agricultural Purposes, and a 90 day parts and labor warranty. This warranty includes reimbursement for

return shipping charges via regular mail during the warranty period. 


Power Requirements - 115 (@ about 5 amperes )  or 230 VAC ( @ about 3 amperes) 

Maximum Power Output :  300 watts maximum typical into a plasma tube .

Pulse Frequency Capability - 310,000 hz

Plasma automatically cuts off at the end of the frequency sequence.

Front panel meters - SWR and Amperes

Size  - Approximately 17" X 17 " X 8  inches high

Weight ( Complete Unit) approx 34 Lbs. 

* Please note that output pulse wave shape, and full utilization of the modulation frequency range capability of 310,000hz  can vary with plasma tube  shape, 

volume,  gas pressure , presence or absence of internal electrodes and gas type. Complete Systems are shipped with a 2" X 20" plasma tube that is optimized to the system. Please contact Plasma Sonics for assistance in plasma tube

 selection  if choosing a different plasma tube type. 


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