Plasma Tube Impedance Matcher


Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co. takes a commercial MFJ 962D antenna tuner, and completely reconfigures it for use as a RF excited gas plasma tube impedance matcher. The unit is stripped down to the bare chassis and then rebuilt. All parts that are extraneous to operation are removed. All parts that might be prone to failure are either replaced or highly modified.   A large dual ring, balanced line output balun ,is mounted internally. External ceramic binding posts are provided for tube wire attachment.  Above is a picture of a 949E antenna tuner. The 962D is substantially larger and provides superior performance to the 949E. 

The result is an instrument capable of 100 % duty cycles, while managing 500 watts PEP RF power. This unit has been proven in thousands of hours of use here at Plasma Sonics, and is capable of matching modulation frequencies well in excess of 100 KHz. This plasma tube antenna tuner is ideal for use with Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co.'s OM-1 transmitter and 300 watt PEP amplifier. 


Preset to operate at 27.125 MHz. Will match 95% of all plasma tubes with factory settings. We can custom set special one off applications should a customer require. Please inquire should you require this service.

Do not attempt to operate this antenna matcher at any frequency besides 27.125 MHz! It will not match impedances outside of this frequency band.

Duty Cycle - 100%.   Will operate in continuous mode at 500 watts PEP. 

If you already have an MFJ 962D antenna tuner , or an MFJ 949E Antenna Tuner with  a MFJ 912 External Balun ,  Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co. will modify your tuner and balun for $275 USD. Please contact us for more information.

Price: Plasma Tube Impedance Matcher with power wire ( connects to 13.8V power supply ) for fan and light operation. -  $550 USD


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